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District and Circuit Court Criminal Litigation

Keith has been successfully representing criminal defendants since his practice began in 1981.  He has experience in representing clients in almost all areas of criminal law including but not limited to burglaries, robberies, trespasses, rapes and/or other sexual offenses, assaults, drug related cases, and murder. He has gained a reputation for passionately and aggressively presenting his clients’ cases to judges and juries.  Whether you need him to argue issues of an illegal traffic stop or even an illegal search of your home or car, Keith has the expertise you need.  And if the law enforcement officer did not read you your Miranda rights, Keith knows how to raise these issues before the appropriate court.
If you think you are going to be charged with a crime or have recently been charged, you need representation immediately.  Keith will clearly, precisely, and effectively explain to you what you need to do and what to expect when you go to court.


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